How to get to Lake Garda by train

The nearest railway stations.

by Marco Ghirello

Reaching Lake Garda by train is certainly an excellent idea and the most ecological and convenient way to travel. The train also offers considerable advantages in terms of organisation and quality of life, because it simplifies travel planning and frees us from the stress of driving a car in traffic.

Modern trains offer really high levels of service and comfort, with ample legroom, reclining seats, WiFi connection and the possibility of using power sockets to recharge smartphones, computers and all our electronic devices in general.

Choosing to travel by train is also important from an environmental protection perspective. Trains emit significantly less CO2 than other types of vehicles such as planes or cars, helping to minimise environmental impact. It is therefore a responsible choice, helping to reduce air pollution and improve the health of our planet.

The good news is that there are several railway stations in the immediate vicinity of Lake Garda. Let's see what they are and where they are located in the list below:

Peschiera del Garda (VR)Info & ServicesTrain Timetables
Desenzano del Garda (BS)Info & ServicesTrain Timetables
Castelnuovo del Garda (VR)Info & ServicesTrain Timetables
Domegliara (VR)Info & ServicesTrain Timetables
Rovereto (TN)Info & ServicesTrain Timetables
Mori (TN)Info & ServicesTrain Timetables
Verona Porta Nuova (VR)Info & ServicesTrain Timetables
Brescia (BS)Info & ServicesTrain Timetables
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How to plan your trip

The railway stations on Lake Garda, and the most used by tourists, are certainly those of Peschiera del Garda and Desenzano del Garda. Just like the stations in Brescia, Castelnuovo del Garda and Verona, they are located on the Milan-Venice line, one of the most important railway lines in northern Italy.

The Peschiera del Garda railway station is most suitable for travellers who have decided to spend their holidays in one of the numerous hotels on the Veronese (eastern) shore of Lake Garda. From here it is possible to reach by public transport, in just a few minutes, some beautiful locations such as Lazise, Bardolino or Garda. This railway station is also the most used by those who have decided to spend a day at the famous Gardaland amusement park. The distance to the latter is only two kilometres and during the summer period, it is possible to use a free shuttle bus service.

The Desenzano del Garda railway station is located slightly further west than the Peschiera del Garda station and is the most suitable for travellers spending their holidays in one of the many hotels on the Brescian (western) shore of Lake Garda. From here you can easily reach other famous places such as Sirmione, Salò or Gardone Riviera using public transport.

The Rovereto, Mori and Domegliara railway stations, on the other hand, are located on the Brenner line, the main railway artery connecting the city of Innsbruck (Austria) to the city of Verona.

The Rovereto railway station is geographically located in the north-eastern part of Lake Garda. It is particularly popular among tourists coming from northern Europe who want to reach the northernmost places on the lake, such as Riva del Garda, Nago-Torbole, Arco or Malcesine.

Considerably less busy than the previous ones, but certainly useful to some travellers, are the small railway stations of Domegliara, in the municipality of Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella, and Castelnuovo del Garda. They are essentially transit stations, but at certain times of the day some regional trains stop there.

Reaching Lake Garda by train is easy, fast and affordable, so leave your car in the garage and enjoy the journey without any worries.

Where to find railway stations

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