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Navigation on Lake Garda by boats and ferries has always been a great success with the public. The need to provide a punctual and reliable service that could guarantee the movement of goods and people between the various towns on the lake led some private ship owners to believe in the project, building steamships in the early 1920s.

With the end of the Second World War, due to the extensive damage suffered during the conflict, private management of the service passed to the Italian state. The public authority that today oversees the entire organisation on the main Italian lakes is called Gestione Governativa Navigazione Laghi Maggiore di Garda e di Como.

Over the years the fleet in service on Lake Garda has gradually expanded and today can count on 28 ships, including boats, car ferries, hydrofoils and catamarans. During the summer period, it is possible to embark on some ships with personal bicycles, to make private hire for groups of people, or to explore Lake Garda on a romantic cruise.

On the Torri del Benaco - Maderno route, there is a year-round passenger and vehicle transport service, ideal for commuters who have to travel between the Veneto and Lombardy shores of Lake Garda.

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