About us

A few words to get to know us better.

The beginning of GardaClick

One Developer. Few hair. Many ideas.


My name is Marco Ghirello, I am the owner and founder of GardaClick, a web site dedicated to Lake Garda and its extraordinary beauty.

I was born in Peschiera del Garda, on 10 June 1978 and I live in Garda, in a small yellow house overlooking the harbour.

My work as a Web Developer in the hotel industry has allowed me in over 10 years, to study some fundamental aspects of tourism in the Lake Garda region. The constant monitoring of analytical data, booking engines and advertising campaigns, inspired me to start this new adventure.

I have personally created and edited every element of this site; from programming to copywriting, from graphics to photography, from social networking to the commercial area. A not inconsiderable challenge, but faced every day with the utmost enthusiasm and awareness of my ideas.

Fundamental has been the support of my family and close friends, whom I sincerely thank for their generous affection.

Special thanks to Antonio Maresca, without whom I would never have been able to expand certain skills and who was the first to believe in my human and professional abilities.

Thanks also to you who are reading.. It will be a pleasure for me to accompany you on this long journey of discovery around Lake Garda.

Marco Ghirello - Owner & Founder

The growth of GardaClick

Knowing people to keep doing better.

The world is changing fast. We have heard this phrase many times throughout our lives. Technology certainly plays a major role in driving this change, especially innovations related to information technology and the means of communication between people.

Social networks are the most obvious union of the above, and the tourism sector, too, is evolving to keep up with the times. It is essential to equip ourselves with all the necessary tools to communicate to our audience in an effective and direct manner. Instagram has become the most widely used social media in the world not only for simple entertainment, but also as a real messaging system. GardaClick is present on this platform with its own official channel, which reaches thousands of people in Italy and around the world every day.

Lake Garda is the protagonist of this communication, with the aim of promoting not only the splendid lake landscapes through images, but also to give due credit to the artists who produce them. I am working on expanding the social channels and on numerous other initiatives. If you have read this far, thank you very much!

Marco Ghirello - Owner & Founder

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