Cable car Malcesine - Monte Baldo

Lake Garda seen from above.

by Marco Ghirello

The Malcesine - Monte Baldo cable car is one of the best known and most appreciated engineering works in the Lake Garda area.

At the basis of this complex transport system lies the desire to connect and enhance two important Garda tourist destinations: the beautiful Malcesine, where the majestic Scaligero castle stands, and the nearby Monte Baldo, a true natural paradise known as the 'Garden of Europe'.

The cable car project began in the mid-1950s, with the intention of better promoting the area and to provide a new and spectacular attraction for tourists. It was at that time that mass tourism began to take hold, becoming the main economic resource of the entire Garda area in the following years.

On 30 September 1962, in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic Antonio Segni, the wish became reality and the Malcesine - Monte Baldo cable car was officially opened. It was an immediate success with the public, quickly becoming one of the most visited tourist attractions on Lake Garda. Until its total renovation in 2001, the original system carried a considerable number of passengers, estimated at around 6 million people.

Very important numbers that later pushed the local authorities and all the main parties involved in the management of the cable car, to design a new system, even more scenic and involving.

It was exactly on 24 July 2002, in the presence of the President of the Italian Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, that the new Malcesine - Monte Baldo cable car officially entered into service. The new system is notable for its large station buildings, designed with modern lines and equipped with large windows, which are perfectly integrated with the surrounding area.

A 360-degree view over the landscape

What makes the new cable car system unique, however, are its famous rotating cabins. Designed to enhance the passenger experience during the journey, these cabins slowly rotate 360° on their horizontal axis, providing a complete view of the surrounding area to the travellers.

The Malcesine - Monte Baldo cable car is divided into two parts. The first section starting from Malcesine (90 metres above sea level) and arriving at San Michele (562 metres above sea level) is 1,512 metres long and covers a difference in altitude of 463 metres. The second section starting from San Michele and arriving at the final station on Monte Baldo (1760 metres above sea level) is 2813 metres long and covers a difference in altitude of 1187 metres.

When you arrive at the terminal station, there is no shortage of pleasant surprises, even for those who love good food. This station houses a modern and well-equipped Lounge Bar with a panoramic terrace, where you can relax, have a snack, or enjoy the sun with friends.

The Malcesine - Monte Baldo cable car is also the ideal starting point for wonderful excursions in the nature. People who love long walks and sports enthusiasts who enjoy trekking or Nordic walking will find a large number of trails to discover.

Monte Baldo is also the ideal location for mountain bikers, who are free to discover the trails that surround the area, but also for those who love extreme sports. From the slopes of the mountain, there are in fact many sportsmen who launch themselves with paragliders every day, using the updrafts of warm air with their coloured sails.

During the winter period, it is possible to practice skiing and snowboarding, perhaps using also the nearby Prà Alpesina chairlift. There are a total of ten kilometres of tracks suitable for these sports, but it is also possible to enjoy the panorama with snowshoes, walking along the snow-covered paths.

Reaching the Malcesine - Monte Baldo cable car is very easy and practical even if you arrive by car. At the departure station located at Via Navene Vecchia 12, there is a large underground car park with 170 parking spaces. Special discounts are available for groups, schools and certain categories of people. For any further information or more details, we refer you to the official website of the Cable car Malcesine - Monte Baldo, wishing you a pleasant journey discovering Lake Garda and its charming territory.

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