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Torbole sul Garda

A trip to the Trentino sailing paradise.

by Marco Ghirello

The town of Torbole sul Garda lies on the north-eastern shore of Lake Garda, between the towns of Riva del Garda to the west and Malcesine to the south.

The locality is more exactly called Nago-Torbole, a name due to the union of the two main settlements. The first is Nago, located in a higher area, while the second is Torbole, seat of the town hall and facing the shore of Lake Garda.

This particular territory, in fact, includes a variegated set of natural beauty that starts from the summit of Mount Altissimo in Nago and descends to the estuary of the Sarca river, the main tributary of Lake Garda.

Like all the other towns on the lake, Torbole too came under the rule of the Venetian Republic for a few decades. It was at the beginning of the 15th century that the Serenissima, in order to consolidate its military presence, performed a feat that is still considered titanic today.

Starting from the Adriatic Sea and sailing up the Adige River, they led a fleet of barges and then ran them aground. Later, with the use of two thousand oxen, they transported them through Mori and the Bocca di Nago before arriving in the waters of Lake Garda, right in the Torbole area.

Some of the most interesting modern constructions include the Adige-Garda Tunnel. This long drainage tunnel was built starting in 1939 and finished in 1959. Built to defend the city of Verona from flooding of the Adige River, it is still functional today in cases of extreme necessity.

The economy of this beautiful place was for a long time essentially based on agriculture and fishing. The particular temperate climate guaranteed by Lake Garda has mainly favoured the cultivation of vines and olives.

From the latter, a highly appreciated and high quality oil is produced, in an area that rightfully belongs to the Garda DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil territory.

Festivities and markets
Patron SaintSant'Andrea
Feast day30 November
Weekly marketTuesday (2nd and 4th of the month)

What to see in Torbole sul Garda

Among the beauties of Torbole sul Garda are the splendid lakefront, the small harbour with its fishermen's boats and, above all, a small, solitary dwelling located on the quay.

This building is the old Casa del Dazio (Customs House), built in the early 18th century by the Austrian imperial authorities. It housed the customs guards and had the important function of checking all goods passing through Lake Garda in a northerly direction.

It is currently privately owned and houses a photographic collection, but is often opened to the public during special events.

Torbole was for a time a border area and some well-preserved military fortifications are still visible today, such as the Forte di Nago.

Built in the second half of the 19th century at the behest of the Austro-Hungarian government near the ruins of Castel Penede, it is divided into two parts on two levels and served to close the road to Upper Garda.

There are also many churches of notable beauty in the municipality of Nago-Torbole. These include the parish church of San Vigilio in Nago, dating back to the 5th century and later extended in the 16th century, the church of the Santissima Trinità, built in the 17th century, the church of San Rocco, dating back to the 16th century and the parish church of Sant'Andrea in Torbole, built in the 12th century.

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What to do in Torbole sul Garda

For many years now, the town of Torbole sul Garda has earned a prominent position among the world's most suitable locations for sailing sports.

The conformation of the land makes this place particularly windy all year round, making it a magical place for regatta, windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts.

Even the more traditional tourist, however, will find the right amount of relaxation walking through the narrow streets of the old town centre and along the splendid lakeside promenade leading to Riva del Garda, in a succession of scenic views.

Absolutely not to be missed is the Busatte Tempesta trail, an excursion to be made on foot and located in a higher area than the town centre.

Start by leaving your car in the car park of the Busatte Adventure Park and continue walking through the woods in the direction of Tempesta.

The main characteristic of this trail, which was opened in 2005 and is about 8 kilometres long, lies in the fact that the most suggestive part is a steel staircase clinging to the rock, from which you can enjoy a unique panorama of the entire Lake Garda area. This path is also suitable for families with children, but not for bicycles and pushchairs due to the presence of steps. Even those who suffer from vertigo can easily walk it, given the considerable height of the parapets.

We only recommend avoiding the hottest hours of the day during the summer, due to the complete exposure of the entire trail to the rays of the sun.

A holiday in Torbole sul Garda is therefore the right choice for anyone who wants to fully experience the natural beauty that Lake Garda offers. The navigation service operating during the summer is certainly the best and most ecological way to travel to other lake towns or perhaps to visit one of the numerous amusement parks in the southern Garda area.

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