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Limone sul Garda

In the land of citrus and lemon houses.

by Marco Ghirello

The town of Limone sul Garda lies on the western shore of Lake Garda, between the towns of Riva del Garda to the north and Tremosine sul Garda to the south.

The name Limone, probably derives from the Latin word "limen" or border, referring to the border between the Brescia and Trentino areas, although the mind immediately associates it with the typical yellow citrus fruit that, as we shall see, is successfully cultivated in this place.

Over the centuries, the main economic and subsistence activities for its inhabitants consisted of fishing and agriculture, especially through the cultivation of olive trees, favoured by the mild and temperate climate that has always characterised Lake Garda.

At the beginning of the 15th century, under the dominion of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, a certain economic development began to take place and the famous lemon houses were built.

These impressive structures, enclosed by high walls on three sides, served as greenhouses for lemons, oranges and citrons. During the winter period they were closed to protect the plants from the harshest climates.

They soon became a distinctive landmark of the Limone sul Garda area, so much that the famous German writer and poet, J. W. von Goethe, wrote about them in his famous work "Journey in Italy", during a boat trip in the morning of 13 September 1786.

In the 19th century, other economic activities, such as the production of paper, magnesia, lime and silkworms, were added to the profitable cultivation of citrus fruits.

Later in the 20th century, with the outbreak of the First World War, all these activities had to come to a stop due to the intense wartime operations that affected this border area between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

It was only with the opening of the Gardesana Occidentale road in 1931 that Limone sul Garda finally saw the end of its long period of isolation, gradually becoming the popular tourist destination that we know today.

Festivities and markets
Patron SaintSan Benedetto
Feast day11 July
Weekly marketTuesday

What to see in Limone sul Garda

The sights that we recommend you see in Limone sul Garda begin in the small but characteristic historic centre. Walking along the steep streets that descend from the Gardesana road to the lakefront, you will discover some truly enchanting views and landscapes, which are impossible to not capture with a camera.

In the first part of the walk, we immediately find the parish church dedicated to San Benedetto Abate, built towards the end of the 17th century, and then the small church of San Rocco, erected between 1529 and 1536 as a sign of thanksgiving for having escaped the danger of the plague.

Moving towards the lakefront we can visit the Museum of Tourism, a place that houses an interesting collection of brochures, posters and souvenirs of the period, as well as a space dedicated to San Daniele Comboni, a native of Limone sul Garda. Next comes the Fishermen's Museum, rich in ancient fishing tools, and of course concluding with a visit to the evocative Limonaia del Castèl.

This structure is a true architectural jewel, an optimally maintained place where it is possible to admire in all their splendour, every variety of citrus fruit grown in this northern corner of Lake Garda.

Lemon, orange, chinotto, grapefruit, bergamot and citron trees grow here. The lemon house is also a museum, housed in the rooms that were once used to store work tools, all well described through comprehensive information panels. From this structure there is also a splendid panoramic view of the lake and the rooftops of the village.

The average duration of the visit is about forty minutes and is also highly recommended for families with children.

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What to do in Limone sul Garda

Despite being a small town, Limone sul Garda offers numerous leisure opportunities to those who come here to enjoy their holidays on Lake Garda.

The old town centre is in itself a small open-air museum, with narrow streets between the colourful houses that open up now and then, releasing the gaze to the calm waters of Lake Garda and the opposite shore dominated by the massive Monte Baldo.

The numerous shops and boutiques where you can buy all kinds of typical local products are also unmissable here. The lakeside promenade with its restaurants, where it is possible to eat in the open air, is certainly an essential place for those who want to take long walks.

Limone sul Garda hosts a fantastic cycle and pedestrian trail suspended over the lake. Inaugurated in 2018 and immediately becoming a distinctive mark of this place, it is part of a larger project that will see the creation of further cycle paths, with the purpose of connecting the surrounding towns together without using cars, in complete harmony with nature.

About 2.5 km long and 2.5 metres wide, it can be reached by parking at Capo Reamol, where, however, there are very few parking spaces, or by walking from the centre of Limone. It can be crossed all year round providing a priceless panorama of Lake Garda and a unique observation point for photography lovers.

Further excursions can be made using the boat, or with the convenient ferry that leads directly to Malcesine on the Veronese shore.

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