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From the shore of Lake Garda to Montecastello.

by Marco Ghirello

The town of Tignale is located in the western part of Lake Garda, between the towns of Tremosine sul Garda to the north and Gargnano to the south, on a panoramic plateau overlooking the lake.

The territory of Tignale is supposed to be inhabited already in very ancient times, but the first certain information comes from the early medieval period. The particular geographical conformation, between high mountains and steep paths, kept this location isolated for a long time.

During the long period of domination by the Republic of Venice, this area was part of the Salò Riviera, also known as the Magnifica Patria.

Curious fact - In a period between the late 16th and early 17th century, the community of Tignale was tormented by the raids of the bandit Giovanni Beatrice known as Zanzanù. This thug, after numerous lootings and murders, was finally killed by a group of inhabitants during a violent clash. This fact is recalled in a painting, located at the Sanctuary of Montecastello.

From the 18th century the cultivation of citrus fruits, especially lemons, developed in Tignale, as had already happened in other nearby towns.

Evidence of this is still clearly visible today in the splendid Prà de la Fam lemon house, one of the largest on Lake Garda, which can be visited at certain times of the year.

Until the first half of the 20th century, the economy of this area was based essentially on agriculture and livestock breeding. The real tourist development began with the completion of the Gardesana Occidentale road. This road put an end to centuries of isolation, transforming Tignale into the splendid holiday destination that we know today.

Festivities and markets
Patron SaintNatività di Maria Vergine
Feast day8 September
Weekly marketTuesday

What to see in Tignale

The route that leads us to explore Tignale is subdivided into a number of stages located at different altitudes, due to the particular conformation of the land.

We start from the lowest area, the one that lies at the water level of Lake Garda. Here we find the harbour, with a small beach, and in the immediate vicinity, the splendid Prà de la Fam lemon house.

This imposing structure, kissed by the warm Garda sun, has been restored and made productive. By visiting it, it is possible to discover the ancient methods of producing the citrus fruits that are still grown here. From these fruits some typical products of remarkable quality are then made, such as lemon marmalade, orange marmalade, citrus oil and limoncello.

As we climb the mountain, the panorama changes considerably, leading us to the most iconic religious building in Tignale, the Sanctuary of Montecastello.

This magnificent church is situated on the highest part of a rocky peak, overlooking Lake Garda. From here it is possible to enjoy an incomparable view over a vast portion of the Garda area, stretching from Monte Baldo to the Sirmione peninsula.

Built on the ruins of an ancient temple and known as the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella, it owes its name to the miraculous apparition of a star that ended a bloody battle fought in Tignale in the 13th century.

Right next to the Sanctuary of Montecastello stands the Big Bench #238. Created by the famous American designer Chris Bangle and managed by the BIG BENCH COMMUNITY PROJECT (BBCP) Foundation, it is the second bench in chronological order to be installed on Lake Garda, after the one in San Felice del Benaco.

Another viewpoint is the one in Gardola, near the small church of San Pietro. Built between the 6th and 7th centuries, today it is open to the public during the summer period and is used as an art exhibition venue.

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What to do in Tignale

A holiday in Tignale is certainly the ideal choice to escape the noise of the most crowded places and immerse yourself in a land rich in history, among enchanting natural landscapes and small villages.

In the locality of Prabione is located the Museum of the Parco Alto Garda Bresciano, established to document the history, traditions and culture of the vast Garda hinterland. Inside is set up an interesting themed itinerary, rich in images, sounds, ancient tools, naturalistic settings and interactive stations.

Having fun in the open air, but in an original way and with a pinch of extra adrenaline that never hurts. This is the recipe for the Flying Frogs Adventure Park, a natural area in the woods of Tignale, where you can walk on suspended bridges and wobbly logs.

Divided into three tracks suitable for children, teenagers and adults, it guarantees a unique and totally safe experience for the whole family. There is also a long cable car, from which it is possible to fly over the entire park at speed.

During the summer, you can make long excursions on foot or by bicycle, along the trails that pass through valleys and mountains.

The famous Bassa Via del Garda passes from Tignale. This is a long route of about 70 kilometres that starts from Salò and goes as far as Limone, among centuries-old woods and breathtaking views.

Of course, there are also shorter routes, some suitable for tourists, others for more experienced sportsmen. Among the best-known trails are the Monte Cas trail, the Cascate di Piovere trail, the Cima Rocchetta trail, the Cima Tignalga trail, the Cima Mughera trail and finally the trail to the Cima Piemp Alpine hut.

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