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The city of wine on Lake Garda.

by Marco Ghirello

The town of Bardolino is located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda and lies between the towns of Garda to the north and Lazise to the south.

The name Bardolino has Longobard origins and could be translated as "the little place of the Longobards". The castle that defended the town was built towards the end of the 9th century by concession of King Berengario, to protect the inhabitants from invasions and looting.

Over the following centuries, the castle was modified several times until the era of the Scaligeri, lords of Verona, when it took on the definitive form that we can still admire today.

The mild Mediterranean-type climate of Lake Garda is particularly suited to the cultivation of vines and olives, which in this area represent a very important economic and tourist resource.

Bardolino is in fact known not only in Italy, but also in the rest of the world, for the excellent Bardolino wine, which has carried the DOC mark since 1968 and Chiaretto, the popular rosé wine.

There are in fact numerous wine cellars in the municipal area, many of which offer guided tours and the possibility of tasting and purchasing their products on site.

The city of Bardolino is therefore a suitable place both to rest and to practice sports, excursions or long walks through enchanting landscapes.

Lovers of food and good cuisine will be delighted to discover the food and wine specialities at the many characteristic restaurants. The high availability of hotels, residences, campsites and other accommodation facilities guarantee that you will find the ideal solution for a perfect holiday in total relaxation.

Festivities and markets
Patron SaintSan Nicolò
Feast day6 December
Weekly marketThursday

What to see in Bardolino

Among the beauties of Bardolino is mainly the characteristic old town, with its streets and alleyways leading to the splendid lakeside promenade. This place is coloured every spring with the blossoming of thousands of tulips.

In the harbour area, right in front of the Town Hall, there is an ancient stone table called "la Preonda". For the people of Bardolino it is certainly a symbol, a place used in the past by fishermen, but also a meeting point for the inhabitants themselves.

Curious fact - According to a local legend, if a person takes a tour around the Preonda, he/she will have good luck in life and will certainly return to Bardolino.

Walking along these streets, the gaze is attracted not only by the warm colours of the houses, but also by the still clearly visible remains of the mediaeval towers, one of which is leaning, by the walls of the ancient castle, and by two splendid passages: Porta San Giovanni, to the north, and Porta Verona to the east.

Among the religious buildings in the historic centre, we would like to mention the ancient Romanesque church of San Severo and the parish church of S.S Nicolò and Severo, overlooking Piazza Matteotti.

Also very important is the presence of several museums dedicated to the typical features of the territory, such as the Wine Museum and the Oil Museum, skilfully set up and where considerable amounts of wine and food products are available for purchase.

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What to do in Bardolino

In Bardolino, there is no shortage of possibilities for recreation and entertainment, because this city offers various opportunities both for those who want to relax, and for those who are looking for a more eventful holiday dedicated to sport and physical well-being.

You can take independent or guided excursions, suitable for couples, groups of friends and families with children. In fact, we find facilities dedicated to boating and equipped to safely perform all kinds of water sports, tennis courts or bicycle rental services to explore the surrounding area in absolute freedom.

A typical excursion to be made on foot or by bicycle is the one that leads to the ancient Hermitage of San Giorgio. Located in an elevated position above the nearby Rocca, it enjoys an excellent panoramic view of the Gulf of Garda below.

During the summer period, you can also make the most of the various beaches in the area. Among the most popular are the Lido Mirabello beach, the Punta Cornicello beach, the Lido di Cisano beach further south and the Rivalunga promenade beach further north.

The strategic location of Bardolino also makes it an ideal place to reach the main amusement parks of Lake Garda in a short time.

Of course, even those who love shopping will not be disappointed and will find a good way to spend their free time in the many shops located in the historic centre or in the nearby shopping centres.

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