Electric car charging stations

How to travel by electric car on Lake Garda.

by Marco Ghirello

The electric car market in Italy has been growing strongly in recent years, thanks to the environmental, economic and technological advantages of this type of vehicle.

Electric cars are powered by rechargeable batteries, which can be connected to an electrical outlet or a charging station. These batteries have a capacity that changes according to the model and allow cars to travel without producing harmful emissions.

Electric car technology is constantly evolving to improve the performance, range and safety of vehicles. Some of the most recent innovations include assisted driving systems, integrated solar panels, intelligent communication networks and solid-state batteries, which promise longer life and less use of rare metals.

To recharge an electric car in the Lake Garda area, there are several options available.

For Tesla car owners, there are a few specific charging points, called Superchargers, which offer ultra-fast and safe charging. These charging points are connected to the Tesla cars' navigation system, which calculates the optimal route and suggests charging stations along the way.

Currently, there is a Supercharger station with 12 places in the Lake Garda area and more precisely in the proximity of the motorway exit of Affi (motorway A22 Brennero-Modena exit Lago di Garda Sud). These recharging stations require payment and the cost varies depending on the power and duration of the recharge.

Another charging possibility for electric cars is the service called Destination Charging, offered to their customers by some car brands such as Tesla and Porsche.

This is a network of recharging stations installed at hotels, restaurants, resorts and other accommodation facilities, allowing customers to recharge their cars for free or at a reduced rate during their stay.

In the Lake Garda area, there are several Destination Charging points, which we have indicated on the map at the bottom of this article.

Other charging options for electric cars include the IONITY network, which offers fast and ultra-fast charging stations with up to 350 kW. These stations are designed for long-distance travel and are located in service areas or at strategic points along the main Italian motorways.

The IONITY network has over 600 charging stations in Europe, some of them in Italy. In the Lake Garda area there is an IONITY station in Affi, equipped with 18 columns. These stations require payment and the price varies depending on the energy provider and the type of subscription.

Finally, for those who own an electric car of any brand or model, there are EV charging stations, which offer standard or fast charging, with power ranging from 3 to 50 kW. These stations are distributed throughout the Lake Garda area, and are accessible via app, card or QR code. The cost of charging varies depending on the operator and the type of rate.

EV charging stations can be easily reached by consulting the map provided by PlugShare or other similar platforms.

Tesla Supercharger and Destination Charging

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