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Tennis courts on Lake Garda

Play your favourite sport even on holiday.

by Marco Ghirello

Tennis is a very popular sport in Italy, both at amateur and professional level. Even in the Lake Garda area, there are several tennis courts where you can play freely or take lessons with a teacher.

Every year Italy hosts several high-level tournaments, including the Internazionali d'Italia in Rome, one of the most prestigious events on the ATP (men's) and WTA (women's) circuits.

In recent years, Italian tennis has achieved great results, thanks to the talent and determination of many players. Among the best known, we can mention Jannik Sinner, who at only 20 years old has already won five ATP titles, including the Toronto Masters 1000 in 2023 and his first Slam at the Australian Open in 2024. Sinner is considered one of the brightest promises of world tennis, due to his aggressive style and maturity.

Also in 2023, the Italian Davis Cup team won the prestigious trophy for the second time in its history, after the success achieved back in 1976 by the legendary team formed by Adriano Panatta, Corrado Barazzutti, Paolo Bertolucci and Tonino Zugarelli, captained by Nicola Pietrangeli.

In this second historic victory, Italy defeated Australia 2-0 in the final, thanks to the points won by Jannik Sinner and Matteo Arnaldi. Completing the roster of Italian players were Lorenzo Musetti, Simone Bolelli and Lorenzo Sonego, headed by Filippo Volandri.

Playing tennis: physical and mental benefits.

Tennis is a sport that requires both skill and endurance, while offering numerous benefits for physical and mental health.

Playing tennis improves your cardiovascular condition, as you increase your heart rate and oxygen consumption. This promotes blood circulation and the transport of nutrients to muscles and organs, preventing heart disease and strokes.

Muscles are strengthened, particularly those in the arms, legs and back, preventing the onset of muscle atrophy, a typical disorder of ageing. You also increase flexibility and balance, as you quickly change direction, coordinate your movements and maintain your posture.

Finally, a lot of calories and fat are burned through intense and prolonged physical exertion. This helps maintain a healthy weight and reduce body fat, preventing obesity and diabetes.

Tennis is not only good for the body, but also for mental health. This sport helps develop greater cognitive abilities, because you think and react very quickly. In this way, brain functions such as memory and concentration are stimulated, preventing cognitive decline.

Other aspects not to be underestimated include a marked reduction in stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation and psychological well-being. Finally, social relationships are also fostered, as it is also possible to play tennis in pairs, increasing the sense of belonging and friendship.

Tennis Center lago di GardaTremosine (BS)+39 0365 917155
Tennis DesenzanoDesenzano del Garda (BS)+39 030 9914233
Tennis LimoneLimone su Garda (BS)+39 0365 954280
Centro Tennis San SivinoManerba del Garda (BS)+39 349 8394940
Tennis Salò CanottieriSalò (BS)+39 339 7957909
Tennis Club BremaSirmione (BS)+39 393 0655482
Tennis Club MontichiariMontichiari (BS)+39 030 964319
Tennis Club Sporting MadernoToscolano Maderno (BS)+39 389 6556476
Circolo Tennis ArcoArco (TN)+39 0464 516824
Circolo Tennis RivaRiva del Garda (TN)+39 351 9814533
Circolo Tennis TorboleTorbole sul Garda (TN)+39 392 5442873
Circolo Tennis LedroLedro (TN)+39 0464 508740
Circolo Tennis BardolinoBardolino (VR)+39 045 7211320
Associazione Tennis BussolengoBussolengo (VR)+39 045 7150939
ASD Tennis CaprinoCaprino Veronese (VR)+39 045 6230907
Tennis CastelnuovoCastelnuovo del Garda (VR)+39 327 0758803
Tennis GardaGarda (VR)+39 345 1784892
Area Sport PeschieraPeschiera del Garda (VR)+39 045 7552094
Tennis Club MalcesineMalcesine (VR)+39 045 6584136
Tennis am GardaseeBardolino (VR)+49 1514 6340274
Centro Sportivo LaziseLazise (VR)+39 347 4668993
Associazione Tennis VillafrancaVillafranca di Verona (VR)+39 045 7901966
ATL Associazione Tennis LugagnanoLugagnano di Sona (VR)+39 345 2303986
Polisportiva Caselle TennisCaselle di Sommacampagna (VR)+39 045 8580870

How to get to the tennis courts

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