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Golf Courses on Lake Garda

A green paradise for all golfers.

by Marco Ghirello

Lake Garda is a reference point for many outdoor sports, but perhaps not everyone knows that there are also numerous Golf courses. Over the last few years, the number of golf courses has increased considerably due to the high demand that comes from an ever-increasing number of enthusiasts.

The benefits of Golf: physical and mental health and lots of fun!

If you are looking for a passion without boundaries, Golf could be the answer you are looking for. This fascinating sport has the power to win the hearts and minds of people of all ages.

But why choose to play Golf?

There are many reasons for this, ranging from the mental challenge to the opportunity to get in touch with nature. Imagine yourself surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of Lake Garda, with the sun shining above the trees and the soothing sound of the wind whispering through the leaves. While you venture on the path, you will feel yourself immersed in calm and tranquillity. But it is not only the beauty of the game that makes it so popular.

This sport is a constant challenge that requires concentration, strategy and skill. Each shot is the result of careful planning and precise technique, which can lead to unparalleled gratification when you hit the ball in the right way. If you are looking for a passion that allows you to get in tune with nature, challenge yourself and discover new levels of your potential, then Golf is definitely the right choice.

From the northernmost part of Lake Garda to the southernmost and flattest part, there are several Golf courses where it is possible to play in absolute relaxation. Lake Garda offers a mild climate, ideal for outdoor sports even during the winter period.

Golf Club Alto Garda Golf A.S.D.Riva del Garda (TN)+39 348 3840278
Golf BogliacoToscolano Maderno (BS)+39 0365 643006
Colombaro GolfSalò (BS)+39 0365 5531
Golf Hotel Ca' Degli UliviMarciaga di Costermano S/G (VR)+39 045 6279030
GardaGolf Country ClubSoiano del Lago (BS)+39 0365 674707
Arzaga GolfCalvagese della Riviera (BS)+39 030 6806266
Parco Golf Borgo MachettoDesenzano del Garda (BS)+39 030 6188675
Golf Club Paradiso del GardaCastelnuovo del Garda (VR)+39 045 6405802
Chervò Golf Hotel and Resort S. VigilioPozzolengo (BS)+39 030 91801
Golf Club Villa GiustiSona (VR)+39 045 7190043
Golf Club VeronaSommacampagna (VR)+39 045 510060
Golf Club Le VignePozzomoretto di Villafranca (VR)+39 045 6305572

Golf is a sport and not a game as some have mistakenly defined it, which became an Olympic discipline in 2016.

How to get to the golf courses

Click on the button below to open the detailed map showing the main Golf courses around Lake Garda.


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